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Friday, 19 October 2012

Ea sports cricket 2009

It was the Australian former cricketer, Richie Benaud, who once famously said that “Cricket is a batsman's game,” a quote that perfectly sums up our experience of Codemaster’s latest foray into the popular, quintessential English summer sport. Cricket is a sport that is known for its slow-pace, a game in which a clever mix of attacking and defensive play generally wins the day. That doesn't make for the most exciting of sport's videogames, so predictably it’s when you’re behind the crease, an area where the game is usually won or lost, that provides the most excitement and entertainment in Ashes Cricket 2009. As long as you're not expecting a fast-paced and flowing arcade cricketing experience, then fans of the sport should be happy that Codemasters and Transmission Games' latest cricket game does manage to capture the skillful and technical aspects of the sport by offering a measured and challenging game on the pitch.Ashes Cricket 2009 is the official game of the inaugural summer test series between England and Australia. It features the official teams of these two cricketing heavy-weights, yet it loses some of its authenticity when you choose to play as one of the 10 other cricketing nations, whose licenses are still owned by Electronic Arts. Fans of cricket will recognize many of the stadiums from around the world, including Lords in England, The Gabba in Australia, and Pakistan’s National Stadium and authenticity is re-captured somewhat by the voices of cricketing legends Ian Botham and Shane Warne, who do a great job at commentating during matches, as well as providing some useful tips in the comprehensive tutorial mode.

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